Why Do Scrapyards Want Your Junk Car?


Selling a junk car to a scrapyard is a quick way to put some cash in your pocket, but you might be hesitant to give up your old car for less than its worth. After all, why does the scrapyard want your vehicle in the first place? Can't you make more money by selling the car yourself and cutting out the middleman? In most cases, the answer will be no. Scrapyards can profit from junk cars in various ways, but it would be challenging for most people to cash in on their old vehicles using these same methods.

27 October 2021

Things To Consider When Buying A New Battery For Your ATV


The battery in your ATV is essential, even if you do not have electricity start on the machine. The battery provides the power to the magneto and the ignition system until the engine starts and the generator takes over. If your ATV battery is not holding a charge and providing power to the engine, you may not be able to start the ATV.  Checking Your Battery If you have an ATV and the battery in it does not seem to be working, take the battery out of the machine and clean the connections on the battery cables and the battery itself.

11 May 2021

Don't Leave Junk Cars On Your Property!


Is there an old, rotting hulk sitting somewhere on your property? Most cars keep their value through decades and multiple sales, but every vehicle eventually succumbs to time and nature. If you're the one left holding the bag when an old junker finally outlives its usefulness, then it can be all too easy to leave it sitting around collecting rust. As simple as this solution can be, it's not a good idea over the long-term.

9 September 2020

4 Tips To Help You Seal Your RV, Repair Leaks, And Prepare For A Fun Winter Road Trip


Even though the warm summer is gone, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy a fun winter road trip. Before you start planning the trip, you are going to want to do some work to prepare your RV for winter travels. This means getting the right equipment, revising your RV and making sure everything is winterized. Part of the winterization of your RV will include checking for leaks and repairing seals.

13 December 2019

4 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Faster Repairs To Get On The Road Again


If your car has been damaged in an accident, you will want to get it repaired quickly. Sometimes, taking your car to a shop means that you are going to have to wait for repairs before you get your ride back. If you want to ensure that your car gets the best repairs and that they are done quickly, there are a few things that can be done to prepare. The following tips will help you prepare your car for repairs before a collision happens.

25 June 2019

Useful Tips for Sourcing Auto Parts from a Salvage Yard


Whether you want to save money on auto parts or have an older or rarer car that requires hard-to-find parts, visiting a salvage yard can be a great idea. When you go to a salvage yard, you will pay a fee to be able to remove the parts that you need from a vehicle on the lot. While a salvage yard can be a treasure trove of auto parts, it is important to be prepared and know what you are doing before you make the trip.

10 April 2019

Three Immediate Steps To Take When Your Car Stops Working


Running into issues with an older car is not unheard of. As cars age, their parts tend to wear down and they tend to develop issues with the way that their system runs. If you have had your car fixed a number of times, you know that issues on an older car can become costly and time-consuming. If your old car has stopped running, it may not be worth putting more money into.

7 September 2018