Don't Leave Junk Cars On Your Property!


Is there an old, rotting hulk sitting somewhere on your property? Most cars keep their value through decades and multiple sales, but every vehicle eventually succumbs to time and nature. If you're the one left holding the bag when an old junker finally outlives its usefulness, then it can be all too easy to leave it sitting around collecting rust.

As simple as this solution can be, it's not a good idea over the long-term. Getting rid of an old clunker sooner rather than later comes with many benefits, and you can find just three of them below.

1. Junk Cars Are Environmental Hazards

Every car has a collection of fluids and heavy metals that are less than ideal for the natural environment. These toxic chemicals are typically not a concern when a car is in use, but a vehicle that's left sitting can degrade and begin to leach dangerous substances into the ground. While rust itself is not environmentally harmful, the parts that rust away can be.

In particular, rusted-out plumbing can cause oil, brake fluid, and other substances to leak into the environment. Rubber and plastic hoses can also crack and decay, providing another pathway for oil and other fluids to find their way onto your property. The longer a car sits unused, the more likely it is to fall victim to these issues.

2. Rusted Hulks Are Less Sustainable

Your old car may look like a pile of junk to you, but it still has value to someone. Other people may be able to use some of your car's electronic or mechanical components to maintain their vehicles, often at a steep discount when compared to new parts. Your car's scrap metal has value, as well, although the scrap value can diminish significantly once the metal begins to rust away.

The longer your vehicle sits unused, the less likely it is to have any usable parts remaining. Sending your old junk car off to a scrap yard ensures that many of its components and even body panels can find new life elsewhere.

3. You're Wasting Money

No matter what condition your old junk car is in, there's likely a junk car buyer that will take it off your hands and put money into your wallet. Letting an old car rust away on your property reduces the amount of money you're likely to receive while also creating an unsightly, toxic mess. Getting in touch with a junk car buyer today will help you to clean up your property safely and profitably.

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9 September 2020

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