Tips You May Want To Consider When Buying Part For Your Car Or Truck


When you need a part for your vehicle to repair the engine or drivetrain, you may not think it is important what you buy or where you get it. There are some differences between auto parts shops and the replacement parts they sell, so there are some things that you should know that can make it easier to get the right part at a fair price.

Name Brand Parts

When replacing a part on your vehicle, the car's age and warranty status can be a vital part of the decision. In some situations, the new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or name-brand part is necessary to maintain the vehicle's warranty. 

If you need an OEM part, the best place to get it is through the auto parts shop at the dealership. They have access to all the auto parts used to manufacture the car and can order them for you. The OEM parts may be a little more expensive than replacement parts from other vendors, but the quality, fit, and function of these pieces will match or exceed the parts that came on the car when you bought them. 

The part numbers are simple to look up, the parts are typically a direct bolt-on, and the dealership service department can offer support or do the work for you when you use factory replacement parts.

Aftermarket Parts

Auto parts shops that carry parts for most cars and trucks on the road can do so because they stock and sell replacement parts from many aftermarket vendors. The replacement auto parts should meet the same specifications as the factory parts, but the materials used may not have the same quality, and the fit and finish are sometimes not as good. 

The differences are not enough to keep them from working dependably in your car or truck, and they are often less expensive, so may still be the best choice. Keep in mind, these parts may have a limited replacement warranty, and they may not meet the standards of the manufacturer, but they have a place in the market and often make it easier to maintain your car or make repairs when necessary.

Take the time to look over the parts carefully when using aftermarket pieces to ensure they have the right connections, brackets, or fittings you need. Automotive manufacturers often use the same part on several vehicles if they share engines, transmissions, or drive train parts across the models, so sometimes they look different at first glance but compare the old and the new components. You may find that the aftermarket auto parts work fine if you change a mounting bracket, reuse a hose fitting, or make adjustments when installing them.


25 October 2022

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