4 Tips To Help You Seal Your RV, Repair Leaks, And Prepare For A Fun Winter Road Trip


Even though the warm summer is gone, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy a fun winter road trip. Before you start planning the trip, you are going to want to do some work to prepare your RV for winter travels. This means getting the right equipment, revising your RV and making sure everything is winterized. Part of the winterization of your RV will include checking for leaks and repairing seals. The following tips will help you deal with sealing your RV and repairing leaks before you head out on a winter road trip: 

Inspecting All the Doors and Windows of Your RV For Damaged Weather Seals That Need to Be Replaced 

The first areas where you will want to check for problems with energy loss with your RV are the windows and doors. These are usually areas were wear due to weathering can cause problems. These areas of RVs are also often easy to fix with stock weather stripping replacements. If there are other sealants used to hold the glass in an opening, a self-leveling sealant will do the job to repair these openings.  

Repairing the Leaks Around Mechanical Installations That Cause Cold Air to Get in And Water Damage  

The mechanical installations of your RV are other areas where you may have problems with leaks. These are things like utility ladders or rooftop AC units that are attached to the RV. This equipment is usually sealed with a sealant, which may need to be repaired or replaced after years of wear. Look for problems with dry and cracking sealant and repair problems before they leak.  

Problems with Roof Leaks and Exterior Wear That Can Easily Be Fixed with Self-Leveling RV Sealants  

The roof of your RV may have areas with sealants that are used to seal seams or around equipment, which may mean that much of the roof is covered in sealant. Before you get ready to go out on a winter road trip, you want to check the roof for problems with wear and leaks. You can repair these problems easily using a self-leveling sealant. Sealing the roof will also help add years of life to your RV and protect it from wear while it is parked and you are not using it.  

These are some tips that will help you with preparing your RV for winter road trips and sealing any leaks and other problems. If you need to seal leaks and damage to the exterior of your RV, get RV self-leveling sealant for quick repairs to keep you on the road.


13 December 2019

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