Why Do Scrapyards Want Your Junk Car?


Selling a junk car to a scrapyard is a quick way to put some cash in your pocket, but you might be hesitant to give up your old car for less than its worth. After all, why does the scrapyard want your vehicle in the first place? Can't you make more money by selling the car yourself and cutting out the middleman?

In most cases, the answer will be no. Scrapyards can profit from junk cars in various ways, but it would be challenging for most people to cash in on their old vehicles using these same methods. Keep reading to find three reasons scrap buyers want your car and why you're better off selling it to them than trying to squeeze some extra money out of it yourself.

1. Scrap Value

The bulk of your car's mass is in the body and frame. Junk buyers know that there's value in even the most stripped-down hulk simply from the scrap value of the steel, aluminum, and other metals in the body. Junk buyers usually determine the bulk of the offer they'll make on your car based on the spot price for steel scrap.

Unless you have your own crushing and recycling facility, you aren't likely to get a better price for the raw steel in your vehicle. Even if you intend to part out your car or try to make some money from it another way, it still makes sense to eventually sell the remainder of the frame to a local junk car buyer for its scrap value.

2. Salvageable Components

Most vehicles have a few salvageable components, even if the car hasn't run in years. These can include common parts such as alternators or power steering pumps and harder-to-find items like interior trim or electronics. Junk buyers will typically salvage these items for resale before condemning the rest of the car to the junk heap.

While you can pull some parts yourself if you're mechanically inclined, parting out a car is often more challenging and time-consuming than many people realize. In addition to the effort required to remove the parts, you'll need to find buyers and store them while you wait for sales. Letting the junk buyer handle this process often makes more sense if you don't have a lot of time on your hands.

3. Environmental Management

You probably don't think of scrap yards as environmental organizations, but they have an essential role to play. When junk buyers take your car, they'll remove harmful fluids (such as oil or coolant) and other controlled items, including your tires. They can then recycle or properly dispose of these substances, keeping them safely out of the environment.

In most cases, you won't want to deal with this messy business on your own, and transporting these materials to disposal sites can be a hassle. By selling your car to a junk buyer, you can rest assured that your old junker won't become a dangerous environmental hazard.

For more information, contact a junkyard that gives cash for junk cars.


27 October 2021

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