2 Advantages Of Replacing Your Car's Leaf Springs With A 4-Link Suspension Kit


When your car's factory suspension has a leaf spring construction, this setup is normally all that you need if you are driving under normal circumstances. However, if you plan on doing any pulling with the vehicle, want to take it off-road, or even wish to upgrade the motor, the leaf springs are not enough to handle the extra strain placed on the car's rear end.

Before you take part in any of these types of activities, you will need to replace the suspension. Below are a couple of advantages associated with replacing the factory setup with a 4-link suspension kit.

1. Improves the Stability of the Car's Rear End

One advantage that a 4-link setup has over leaf spring suspension is that the former helps to improve the stability of the car's rear end. As part of their function, leaf springs flatten under stress and spring back into place once the pressure is let off.

However, if the stress is too great, once the pressure is released, the leaf springs will spring back too quickly. This can cause one or both of the wheels to jump off the pavement, which will cause the rear end to pull to one side or the other. A 4-link setup keeps the rear end firmly on the pavement, helping to keep the rear end stable.

2. Helps Prevent Axle Wrap When Torque Demand Is High

Another advantage of a 4-link setup is that it helps to prevent axle wrap that occurs when leaf spring systems are subjected to too much torque. When the torque demand increases because of climbing up a steep hill or pulling an object, the leaf springs will flatten, spring back, and wrap themselves around the axles. 

When this happens, the leaf springs are not only permanently bent, but they also cause damage to the axles and wheels. With a 4-link setup, however, the thicker, more stable metal can not only handle the increased torque demand but will not bend around and damage the axle.

While the factory leaf spring suspension on your car is acceptable for normal driving conditions, if you plan on upgrading the motor, going off-road, or putting any type of stress on the vehicle, it will not be enough. Replacing it with a 4-link will help keep the car's rear end stable while preventing axle wrap. If you feel that your car's suspension needs an upgrade, contact an auto parts business to speak to someone about available 4-link suspension options. 

Contact a local auto parts service, such as Rock Slayer Off Road Inc., to learn more. 


20 September 2022

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