Getting Rid Of That Clunker Without Leaving Your Couch: Who To Call When You Have A Car To Let Go


If you have an old vehicle sitting in your yard and you are sure you will not be fixing it up to use in the future, you have most likely contemplated finding someone take it away from your property. If time is limited and you do not wish to traipse around town looking for someone to handle this task for you, making phone calls to appropriate businesses is an option. Here are some places to consider when trying to get rid of a junked vehicle you no longer wish to have hanging around on your grounds.

14 July 2017

Before You Start Your Engines: 3 Mechanical Systems to Check Before Testing Your Car on Race Night


As the sun sets on Saturday night, many race tracks are beginning their race nights. The race nights offer car enthusiasts a chance to drive their cars on tracks. Before you take your car to the track, you will want to make sure it is performing its best and you have checked the oil, brakes and tire pressure. Here are a few areas you want to look over before you start your engine on race night:

12 July 2017