Three Reasons To Scrap Your Junk Car


There may be multiple reasons you have a junker vehicle on your property, but it doesn't have to remain there collecting dust. In fact, you can sell your car to a junkyard for cash. If you have an old car that no longer runs, consider these reasons for selling it to your local scrap yard. Neighborhood Complaints Nosy neighbors or people who are concerned about the property value of their homes may have an issue with your car sitting in the driveway, on the street or on your lawn.

7 December 2017

Four Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional To Replace Your Garage Door Opener For You


When you want to replace the garage door opener on your garage door, it is best to hire professional to handle the installation for you. It can be difficult and dangerous to try to install the opener on your own and a professional can get the job done quickly and easily. The guide below walks you through a few things you may not know about a garage door opener installation.

16 September 2017

How To Replace A Belt When Your Tractor Won't Start


Tractors are great for mowing lawns. They have the power to move over hills and can pull mowing equipment. However, if you fire up your tractor and it suddenly doesn't move, do not consider having it replaced just yet. There might be a part that needs to be replaced and won't be difficult to find online. Often, the problem is caused by a belt and pulley.  Identifying The Problem One of the common reasons why a tractor won't work is that there is something wrong with the belt or pulley.

20 August 2017

Replacing Your Hydraulic Brake Lines Yourself


If you live in an area where you have a lot of precipitation, or your city uses a lot of salt in the winter, then you may find that your brake lines are in bad condition. If you're mechanically experienced, then changing them yourself is completely possible. There are two ways to change your brake lines: You can buy a pre-formed kit with all the fittings, or you can buy rolls of brake lines, flare them yourself and install the fittings yourself.

2 August 2017

What To Do With Your Car On A Long Vacation


If you're going to be gone on vacation for more than a few weeks, there are some additional issues that come up with car maintenance and storage. Here are some things to consider Car Storage Options Leaving your car outside for months on end isn't a great idea. First of all, if you leave it in the same spot outside of your house, it's an easy cue to thieves that no one's home.

27 July 2017

How To Replace Damaged Mirror Glass On A Side Door


If the glass on your side door mirror has become broken or shattered, it is important to replace it as soon as possible so you can accurately see the road and stay safe while driving. Here is what you need to do to replace the damaged glass on your side door mirror in a few minutes. #1 Protect Yourself The first thing that you need to do is protect yourself. You can protect yourself by wearing leather work gloves.

15 July 2017

Unloading A Junk Vehicle Without Emptying Your Pockets To Do So


If you own a vehicle that has been sitting around on your property for several years, and you are in the process of trying to sell your house, removing it from the premises is likely to be a concern. Since an unused vehicle can make a property less attractive, getting rid of it may boost the number of potential buyers that show interest in making a purchase. Here are a few ways you can unload your vehicle without having to fork out money to have it removed from your property.

14 July 2017