How To Replace A Belt When Your Tractor Won't Start


Tractors are great for mowing lawns. They have the power to move over hills and can pull mowing equipment. However, if you fire up your tractor and it suddenly doesn't move, do not consider having it replaced just yet. There might be a part that needs to be replaced and won't be difficult to find online. Often, the problem is caused by a belt and pulley. 

Identifying The Problem

One of the common reasons why a tractor won't work is that there is something wrong with the belt or pulley. The belt must be tensioned around the pulley. You may discover that either component is broken. Before replacing the belt, put the tractor in park on level ground. Let the engine cool before accessing it. Engines can be very hot and can cause burns. Also, it is essential to wear work gloves to avoid injuring yourself when working on the engine. 


Begin by disconnecting the spark plug. Make sure the key is not in the ignition while doing this. Open the hood to the engine and disconnect the spark plug. Remove the mower deck. You will then want to disengage the mower blades for safety purposes. By pulling the deck out far enough, you will be able to access the drive belt. 

Removing The Old Belt

Remove the old drive belt. If the belt is broken, it can be difficult to remove it and you should refer to the owner's manual for the tractor on how to properly remove the belt. If the belt is still intact, the belt needs to be released from the idler pulleys, mandrel pulleys, and belt keeper. Then, the belt is removed from the mower deck.

Installing The New Belt

Next, the new belt is looped around the mandrel pulleys. The belt has to be routed through the belt keepers and idler pulleys. Then, the mower deck can be put back in place. Everything that had to be disconnected in order to remove the mower deck now has to be reconnected. The blade belt has to be routed through the blade keepers. Finally, the spark plug can be reconnected.

Make sure to test the tractor in order to make sure it now runs. If you are still struggling to repair your tractor, it is best to hire a repair technician. However, by finding tractor parts for sale online and installing them yourself, you can save a lot of money.


20 August 2017

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