Three Reasons To Scrap Your Junk Car


There may be multiple reasons you have a junker vehicle on your property, but it doesn't have to remain there collecting dust. In fact, you can sell your car to a junkyard for cash. If you have an old car that no longer runs, consider these reasons for selling it to your local scrap yard.

Neighborhood Complaints

Nosy neighbors or people who are concerned about the property value of their homes may have an issue with your car sitting in the driveway, on the street or on your lawn. In some cases, your apartment complex or local municipality may have regulations about inoperable vehicles remaining in public. You can save yourself some hassle and potential fines while also getting a bit of extra cash in your pocket by junking your car. The junkyard may even be able to tow the vehicle for you.

Failed Emissions Testing

For some older cars, passing required emissions testing can be difficult. If your older vehicle has failed an emissions test, the cost of repairing may be more than you're willing to spend. Instead, consider junking your car and using the cash toward a down payment on a new vehicle. If the car is not street legal due to a failed emissions test, you'll want to make sure it's towed to the junkyard so you can avoid a potential citation.

Cluttered Garage

An old car can take up valuable room in your garage. Whether it's part of a restoration project you never started, or it's an old totaled car you never got rid of, your vehicle may be taking up precious parking or storage space. Consider junking the car to finally free up the space in your garage you need to park your other cars inside during rainy or snowy weather. Be sure to clear off any items stacked on top of the car so the tow truck driver can easily access and remove your car from the garage.

Before you junk your car, be sure you've removed any and all personal items from inside the cab and trunk. You'll also want to remove the license plates, registration and title. You can return the plates to your state, or keep them for transfer to another vehicle. The title should be presented to the junkyard as proof that the car you are junking is rightfully yours and has not been stolen. Call a few different scrap yards to compare quotes, and sell your car to the facility that makes the best offer. Visit a site like for more help.


7 December 2017

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