How To Replace Damaged Mirror Glass On A Side Door


If the glass on your side door mirror has become broken or shattered, it is important to replace it as soon as possible so you can accurately see the road and stay safe while driving. Here is what you need to do to replace the damaged glass on your side door mirror in a few minutes.

#1 Protect Yourself

The first thing that you need to do is protect yourself. You can protect yourself by wearing leather work gloves. You may want the wear gloves that extend past your wrist to your upper arm. It is also a good idea to wear long sleeves. You should also put on goggles. 

#2 Remove Broken Glass

Second, you are going to want to remove the broken glass from the side mirror. The glass is attached to the side mirror with glue. You are going to want to remove the glass that is loose. Don't pry off the glass that is still attached to the side mirror with the glue. You are going to want to leave that in place as removing that glass could damage the entire side mirror attachment.

#3 Clean The Glass

Third, you are going to want to clean the glass that is still attached to mirror. Use some regular glass cleaner to get all the dirt off of any glass that is still attached to the mirror housing. Leaving the remaining glass dirty can compromise the ability of the new glue to bind with the glass and mirror housing. Be sure to let the glass dry off before moving onto the next step.

#4 Attach The New Mirror Glass

Fourth, take the new mirror glass and remove the adhesive from the back of the glass. There should already be adhesive on the back side of the glass. 

Take the mirror and hold it over the mirror housing. Make sure that the mirror is centered over the housing. Once the positioning is right, then take the glass and press it down into the middle of the mirror housing. You are going to be pressing it on top of the old mirror glass and housing. 

Door mirrors for cars need to be firmly attached. In order to make sure that the mirror attaches to the housing, you are going to want to use a cloth to rub across the mirror. Be sure to press all around the edges and middle of the glass in order to ensure that it adheres properly to the mirror housing. 

Wait for the adhesive to dry according to the cure time on the mirror package before you drive again. 


15 July 2017

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