Unloading A Junk Vehicle Without Emptying Your Pockets To Do So


If you own a vehicle that has been sitting around on your property for several years, and you are in the process of trying to sell your house, removing it from the premises is likely to be a concern. Since an unused vehicle can make a property less attractive, getting rid of it may boost the number of potential buyers that show interest in making a purchase. Here are a few ways you can unload your vehicle without having to fork out money to have it removed from your property.

Call A Few Services That Use Vehicles For Training Purposes

Check with local fire and police departments in your immediate area to see if one of them has a need for an old vehicle. Fire departments will use junk vehicles to set ablaze for firefighter training purposes. These vehicles can also be used to train first responding emergency personnel how to gain access to a vehicle that was involved in an accident. Police departments sometimes use old vehicles to demonstrate to new recruits how to walk up to a motorist on the roadway. If a local establishment has use for your vehicle, ask them to bring a flatbed to your home to pick it up at their convenience.

Contact A Vehicle Donation Program To Transport The Vehicle

Call some of your favorite charitable organizations to see if they have a vehicle donation program in place. These charities will provide a tow truck to haul away your vehicle without costing you a dime. They will provide you with paperwork to be sent in with your yearly tax forms to show you had made a contribution. This write-off will decrease the amount of taxes you owe or may boost the amount you receive as a return.

Enlist Help From A Junk Yard With Towing Capabilities

Many auto salvage yards have programs in place to provide their customers with pick-up service when an old vehicle needs to be removed from a property. Auto salvage yards pay for vehicles according to their weight. This amount is pre-determined depending on the value of metal and can vary day by day. Be sure to call an auto salvage yard, like U Pull & Pay, to ask about the rate before scheduling a pick-up. Inquire as to whether there is a fee for this tow beforehand. The amount will usually be deducted from the amount the auto salvage yard will give you for the vehicle.


14 July 2017

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