Three Immediate Steps To Take When Your Car Stops Working


Running into issues with an older car is not unheard of. As cars age, their parts tend to wear down and they tend to develop issues with the way that their system runs. If you have had your car fixed a number of times, you know that issues on an older car can become costly and time-consuming. If your old car has stopped running, it may not be worth putting more money into. Once your old car has stopped running, you should take certain steps in order to regain your mobility via car. Here are three things to do when your car has stopped working. 

Call a junk car company

When a car is not working, it will not have much worth in the regular car resale market. For this reason, you should call a junk car company. These companies will offer money for junk cars by giving you a flat rate fee in order to take the vehicle. Some of these companies operate for charities while others operate in order to have car parts for use with other vehicles. Be sure to ask if the company hauls the car away for free to be sure that you can decrease your costs. 

Ring up your insurance company

Even though your car may be parked and not operable, your insurance will still be in effect. Call your insurance company and ask if you are able to get a loaner vehicle or a discount on a rental car for a certain amount of time. This will keep you mobile and able to get to and from school and work in order to keep up with your responsibilities. Get a loaner car for at least a week's time so that you have the time necessary to begin the search for a new vehicle. 

Apply for a car loan immediately

In the current market, there are a lot of different ways to get a car, even with a small down payment. With the money offered for your junk car, you can save the down payment and apply for an auto loan. Some companies offer auto loans to all types of credit, so even if you do not have a great credit score, you will still be able to purchase a vehicle. Some car companies offer payments without a traditional loan, including "buy here, pay here" car lots or internet car purchase companies. As soon as you secure your loaner car, apply for a new vehicle to be delivered to you within the next week. 


7 September 2018

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