Things To Consider When Buying A New Battery For Your ATV


The battery in your ATV is essential, even if you do not have electricity start on the machine. The battery provides the power to the magneto and the ignition system until the engine starts and the generator takes over. If your ATV battery is not holding a charge and providing power to the engine, you may not be able to start the ATV. 

Checking Your Battery

If you have an ATV and the battery in it does not seem to be working, take the battery out of the machine and clean the connections on the battery cables and the battery itself. You can try charging the battery with a charger designed for ATV batteries to see if the battery is taking a charge or no longer working. 

If you are going to try charging the battery, open the caps on the top and check for acid in the cells. If they are low, you can fill the cells with new battery acid or distilled water, and then you can charge the battery. If it still does not charge, you most likely need to go to an ATV battery supply or motorcycle shop and get a new battery.

Determining Your Battery Type

There are a few ways to determine what type of battery you need for your ATV. If you still have the owner's manual for the machine, it should list the ATV batteries that will fit it by part number. The part numbers are universally used by manufacturers that make the batteries, so you should be able to use the part number to select any brand of battery for your ATV. 

If you don't have the manual, you can pull the old battery out of your ATV and take it with you to a motorcycle shop, an auto parts store, or an ATV battery supply and have them help you match the battery. It is vital that you get the voltage, the case size, and the position of the connection correct or else the new battery may not fit the machine. 

If you don't have an old battery or an owner's manual, you can go to an ATV battery supply or dealer with the make, model, and size of the ATV, and they can look up the correct battery for you. They may carry several brands with different warranties, so you may want to ask what the differences are and if there is a benefit to spending more on the battery in the long run. 

Installing The Battery

When you are installing the new ATV battery in your machine, it is a good idea to clean the battery compartment with water and make sure there is nothing in the way. The new battery should slide into the space easily, so don't force it or you could crack the case. Connect the cables to the battery and add a little dielectric grease to protect the connections, and you should be ready to start and ride your ATV again. 

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11 May 2021

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