Hybrid Car Features That Deliver Better Performance


If you are new to the world of hybrid cars, you might be wondering what additional features your hybrid vehicle has to deliver better performance. Here are some unique features to know about and take advantage of.

Two Batteries and a Fuel Tank

Hybrid vehicles use several different energy sources to perform car tasks. The main unique thing in a hybrid is the traction battery, which is a powerful battery that provides power to the vehicle in many ways. It can act as a substitute for fuel, propelling the vehicle forward, for instance. It also helps maintain the smaller 12-volt battery, which is responsible for powering displays and headlights, among other things. When all three of these systems are in good repair, they can pass energy back and forth. The battery power will be the first resource used, with gasoline being secondary. Keeping your traction battery and 12-volt in good condition will extend the life of the vehicle and give you much better performance.

Regenerative Braking

Another special feature of your hybrid vehicle is the regenerative braking system that lets your car convert kinetic energy into power. The energy released via heat when you brake can be converted to power that propels the car once you let off of the brakes. There are special techniques to learn to maximize your regenerative braking, so speak with a specialist on hybrid vehicles. At the same time, regular brake repair at an auto repair shop will be key to keeping this feature active. Inefficient braking systems will waste much more energy than what your hybrid vehicle can recapture by using regenerative braking methods.

Power-Off Engines

One signature feature of a Prius or other hybrid vehicle is the energy-saving design that includes an engine that will power down when you're idling. When the gas isn't running, you can control emissions and fuel expenses in a significant way. This feature will activate when you come to a stop for a short amount of time, so don't worry about how to take advantage of it; just enjoy it!

Advanced Fuel Performance Monitoring

You will rarely see a vehicle that has such a comprehensive monitoring system as a hybrid. You will be able to see how many miles per gallon you're getting at any instant, graphs of how the car is performing over the course of the ride, and diagrams of how energy is being used throughout the vehicle. While these are mostly for your education or entertainment, they give you a sense of how your driving tactics are affecting fuel economy.

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14 July 2017

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