Getting Rid Of That Clunker Without Leaving Your Couch: Who To Call When You Have A Car To Let Go


If you have an old vehicle sitting in your yard and you are sure you will not be fixing it up to use in the future, you have most likely contemplated finding someone take it away from your property. If time is limited and you do not wish to traipse around town looking for someone to handle this task for you, making phone calls to appropriate businesses is an option. Here are some places to consider when trying to get rid of a junked vehicle you no longer wish to have hanging around on your grounds.

Give A Call To An Auto Yard

A salvage yard will accept all types of vehicles, working and non-working. Call an auto yard in your area to inquire about their rates for towing. Many of these types of businesses offer money for no longer used cars. The price of a tow can sometimes be taken out of the money you would receive as compensation for the relinquishment of the vehicle, making a call to this service a win-win as you would get it taken away while getting cash as well.

Take A Look Online For Takers

Check out local car groups through social media groups online to see if someone would be interested in using your vehicle for parts. Looking up information pertaining to your vehicle's make and model will lead you to enthusiasts who may want to find out more about the vehicle you have on your property. Drop a post on several groups along with photographs of your vehicle to try enticing others to reach out to you to find out more about your location and any pricing you wish to receive.

Consider Donating In Exchange For Removal

Donating your vehicle is a great way to have it removed from your property without having to hire a tow truck or flag down a friend to the job. Contact a few charities with causes you believe in to see if they have a vehicle donation program in place. A tow truck may be provided by the company to whisk away your vehicle without you needing to lift a finger. If you want to donate your vehicle locally, give calls to fire houses and police stations. They may want your vehicle to assist with training new volunteers or recruits about common vehicle mishaps such as what to do when someone is trapped in a vehicle or how to handle a vehicular fire.


14 July 2017

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