Before You Start Your Engines: 3 Mechanical Systems to Check Before Testing Your Car on Race Night


As the sun sets on Saturday night, many race tracks are beginning their race nights. The race nights offer car enthusiasts a chance to drive their cars on tracks. Before you take your car to the track, you will want to make sure it is performing its best and you have checked the oil, brakes and tire pressure. Here are a few areas you want to look over before you start your engine on race night:

1. Checking Brake System for Stopping Power on the Track

Being able to stop is probably something that is important to you whether it is at the track or driving to work. Always check the brake pads to ensure that they have not worn and need replacing. In addition, before you drive around the track, it is a good idea to bleed the brake lines. If you want better performing brakes, consider larger rims and wheels that will allow you to install bigger disks for more stopping power.

2. Ensure the Best Handling by Checking Tire Pressure & Suspension Components

Good tire pressure and finely tuned suspension components are also important to ensure performance and handling. Remember that changes in temperatures will affect tire pressure, so check the tires when there are major weather changes, as well as before driving around the track. In addition, check suspension components like shocks and the alignment of wheels before you attempt a lap around a race track. Poor alignment can affect the handling, as well as cause tires to wear unevenly.

3. Make Sure Your Car Has All Its Power by Checking All the Fluids & Doing a Quick Engine Inspection

Problems like blown seals can cause an engine to lose compression, overheat and be seriously damaged. Before you take your car to the race track, make sure you check all the fluids and top them off if they are low. Inspect the engine for obvious problems like blown seals, damaged spark plug wires or hoses that need to be replaced.

Sometimes, simple repairs will save you from serious damage to the engine of your car; especially if you plan on testing its limits on the race track. In addition, flushing the fuel system and using better fuel will give you a significant power boost when you hit the race track.

Going over mechanical systems before you drive around a race track will prevent serious mechanical failures and embarrassment on race night. Contact racing fuel service to get the gas to fill up before race night. To learn more, contact services like Yearwood Performance Center.


12 July 2017

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