3 Choices Of Diesel Engine Replacements


When your diesel vehicle needs a new engine, you have several options in front of you. You can get a new engine. You can get a used one. Or you can find an engine that has been rebuilt or remanufactured. A new engine is self-explanatory, but you might be more confused when it comes to the differences between used, rebuilt, and remanufactured. So, what are the differences between the three states?


A used diesel engine is an engine that has come out of another vehicle and had nothing happen to it before going into your car. The engine either works or can be repaired to get it to work. If your budget is really tight, then a used engine may be a good choice, at least at the outset. You will have to worry about future repair costs because you don't know what kind of service record the engine has or how much longer any particular part of the engine has on its lifespan. On the plus side, it can at least get your car running, which can be a really important step. 


A rebuilt engine is still a used engine, but instead of being left alone, the engine has been taken apart, checked over, and inspected. Parts that are still good get put back into the engine. Parts that may need work are either repaired or replaced. While the engine is being put back together, everything will be cleaned off as well, so anything like carbon build-up will be erased. A rebuilt diesel engine will cost more than a used engine will, but the rebuilt engine will also come with a limited warranty, which can cover any basic repairs. 


A remanufactured engine is one that was used and is taken as close to new as possible. The way that happens is that the engine is taken all the way apart, and each part goes through comprehensive checks. The goal is for the specs of each part of the engine to match the original manufacturer's specs. Anything that is outside of tolerance will either be replaced or re-machined to bring it back to that standard. Of the three used options, this is the most expensive, but the engine will be as close to new as possible. 

If you need to get a new engine for your diesel vehicle, you can have a lot of choices open to you. For more information on rebuilt diesel engines, contact a local auto parts store. 


9 March 2022

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